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Are you a AAA member? If so good good because we are a AAA service provider and AAA covers some if not all of your costs associated with getting a new key.
Key wont turn in ignition~ "I put the key in and turn and it doesn't budge!"
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Product Description

Q. My key wont turn in the ignition of my car, is this a common issue?

Yes. Unfortunately it is a common issue. Thankfully most locked ignitions are a result of the steering wheel being locked and can be solved if you turn the wheel and the key at the same time.

Q. Okay I did that it didn't work now what??

Well we would have to come out to your vehicle to diagnosis what is exactly happening but in most cases we can fix it right there and get you back on the road in no time and often for much less than towing it to the dealer.

Q. How long until you can get here and get started?

Our 24/7 mobile service can typically be at your vehicles location in under an hour. Thatís because of our convenient Saint Paul shop location and locksmiths driving all over the Twin Cities. We can service from Red wing to North Branch and from Hudson to Wayzata. You can call us right now @ 1-651-451-0622 and get an exact price quote or fill out the box below and select your preferred method of contact and we will get back to you promptly.

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